The Engineering Organisation

The Engineering Organisation

Welcome to The Engineering Organisation by me, svs.

The whole concept of how engineering organisations work has been a fascinating revelation for me. The way information flows from being an idea in someone’s head to getting delivered to users in a real live product is as fascinating as it is confounding. If you’re like me, you should subscribe to this newsletter. And if you’re like I used to be - finding the management of such an org frustrating, ridiculous, waste of time then you should definitely subscribe!

In this newsletter, I peel back the layers of the engineering organisation and explain from first principles how stuff works, not just the textbook version of SCRUM, Event Driven Architectures or TDD but the real life version of it - replete with unbelievable legacy bugs, weird engineering fetishes  and org charts that resemble jalebis (sweet Indian pretzels, don’t @ me) along with the usual list of colourful characters commonly found in any engineering org.

Join me as I tell you all about the stuff I learnt managing engineering for one of India’s best loved apps - I talk mostly about organisation design and system architecture (Conway’s Law comes up a lot) and also about mindset, teamwork and the emotional energy that we bring to engineering.

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